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Washington State Aquatic Invasive Species

Mussels removed from a boat at the Spokane Port of Entry by WSP Inspectors
New Aquatic Invasive Species Signs Being Posted at many entry points to Washington state (12/15/12).

Quagga & Zebra Mussel Inspection & Decontamination Video

"Don't Move A Mussel" -  a detailed video about Quagga & Zebra Mussels and the long term effects and costs

Keep America Fishing - Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012 - Banning Lead Tackle

Managing the use of Lead Tackle in Washington State

The 2012 Conservation Summit at the Bassmaster Classic, 02/25/12.
The BASS Federation Nation Conservation Directors from each state met for round table discussions and to learn from invited guest speakers.

I have already sent my letter, I love fishing in Alaska and I know some of you do too!  The ones who have not been there yet all I have to say is you will love it!
The Pebble Mine will ruin this great fishery, please get on board and send your letter, click on the
Save Bristol Bay link above.
Thank you everyone,
Mark Byrne

Central Washington Fish Advisory Committee

Building Fish Habitat at Potholes

Habitat Building Work Stations Habitat Supplies Habitat Work Area
Bare Bones Habitat Completed Habitat Ready for the Lake


Sixgill Sharks
Sevengill Sharks
Thresher Sharks
Great White Sharks
Basking Sharks
Salmon Sharks
Browncat Sharks
Soupfin Sharks
Blue Sharks
Pacific Sleeper Sharks
Bull Sharks

08/06/11 Lacey, WA.  BASS Conservation Director Mark Byrne spoke with Candidate for Governor and current Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. We spoke about the Lead Ban issue and about the current WDFW Commission. We have a partner in our efforts to stop the spread of the Lead Ban Statewide.  All these sharks are in danger. They all live in Washington waters. Our membership should know and understand that what we do in our Lakes, Rivers and Streams affects all of Washington’s waters and her fish.  A few of the BASS clubs in Western Washington have been working with Project Aware to do lake side & shoreline cleanup projects, they have provided mesh reusable trash bags, publicity and certificates for these projects.